Friday, September 2, 2011

Semi-centennial post…

Can you believe it?  I can’t.  I called Vee last night, do you realize tomorrow will be my fiftieth post? What??? Wow. 

I know. WOW! 
What I didn’t realize when I started this, is how KEWL the blogging world is.  I have ‘virtually’ met some really amazing people who have some great things to say, amazing perspectives and keep me coming back for more.
As I read other blogs, I realize mine doesn’t have a definitive focus but then, that is why I went with ‘Off the Cuff.’ 
I didn’t want a full forecast of my life.  Nor was I about to post about sad, unfulfilled expectations (still working on eliminating ‘expectations’) or ugly life happenings. 
I wanted to write about happy, random life shennanigans that came my way.  Things I thought were interesting.  Things I learned.  Things I like.  Things I want to try.  And, things I discover. That is what I hope I have done.
I can only keep my fingers crossed that my posts inspire you to create, seek adventures of your own, encourage you to try new things and maybe learn something along the way. 
Thank you so much to all my friends who have supported me by reading my blog, making comments and encouraging me to continue means the world to me.
Here's to 51...52...53...etc., etc., etc.

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  1. Love reading your posts - they are always a fun diversion in my day!