Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Red Arrow Highway

Do you recall me blogging about my friend’s amazing store, Sojourn?   The wonderful place that holds mid-century, vintage finds that make you want to completely redecorate? 

Saturday, I found myself in Michigan spending the day there.  Lucky me!  Stacia’s place simply gets better and better every time I go.  Each time, it is different.  I love that.  I filled in for her so I had all day to really check things out. 

My wish list grew and grew. 

I desperately need that lake or city house so I can fill it with her entire store.  Have you gone yet?  Check it off the list friends; it is so worth the effort to go.

Not only did I spend the day soaking up the treasures, I met some interesting people and got to spend the evening with Stacia and her wonderful family. 

We spent the cool evening out on the recently completed deck with a fire pit, lights and wine.  We all talked, laughed and had a great evening.  When the light rain started to come down…we just moved closer to the fire…staying outdoors enjoying the conversation and the company surrounding us. 

Thank you, Stacia and Jordan for the memories.  I’m so looking forward to our next visit.

Here are a few things I have my eye on.

All of my furniture is borrowed from friends.  Although my current space is temporary, I wouldn't mind adding this for the future.  I could find a spot for this anywhere.
I love these industrial looking carts to use as a coffee table.

I thought this sideboard would be cool to put my television on. 

Yes, please to the vintage military first aid flag and how fun are the 'Checagou' tables?

I love the color of these kelly green jars.  I can imagine them for a pop of color in a bathroom filled with cotton balls, swabs, etc.

I wouldn't mind using this steel multi-drawer thing to organize my scarves, gloves, tights, etc in my wardrobe room.  Believe me, I could fill this up!  I also love the color of the blue table it is sitting on.

A steel shelf from a shoe factory...again, for my wardrobe room...pile it with shoes, handbags, hats, etc.
Love this fire-stitch fabric which reminds me of the infamous zig zag, Missoni. 

Lots of unique things!
You can't really tell but this lamp is cork.  I loved it. The towels are a light, organic linen feel that add a simple element to a natural themed bathroom.

You want it all, don't you?

Sojourn is located on 12908 Red Arrow Highway in Sawyer, Michigan.  Due to the touristy nature of the town, hours are limited.  Please call 312.543.4240 for more information.


  1. OMG!!! AMAZZZZING shop! LOVE EVERYTHING in here and NEEED everything! Soo vintage and sooo cool!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  2. Mel,
    Thanks again for the mad props. The friends who visit and spend time are what really makes Sojourn! Thank you. for. everything. Can't wait for your next visit. xoxoxo