Wednesday, September 14, 2011

No bulls eye here...

I know you are all on pins and needles wondering what I scored at Target from the Missoni line.  What a bust.  Lame.  Disappointment.  I would have managed the whole launch differently.  And last night I considered writing to Target to let them know how it really should have gone off and they might have pleased more people.  I say this because all of the other ‘Mad for Missoni people,’ that could only make it on their lunch hour, felt the same way I did…I could see it in their faces. 
I have the worst luck.  I say that not only because I didn’t get any of the items I wanted but in my hasty quest for Missoni on lunch…I ran into my boss!  UGH…at Target…in a sea of women…really?  How did he spot me?! 
There I was grabbing at any size Medium left...throwing it into my guarded shopping cart to try on later (do you remember this plan from my prior post – although none of my girlfriends even responded to wanting to go – therefore I thought I may be the only person in Elkhart interested – I was wrong).  Anyway, I was so focused until I hear, “RAMEY!”  I’m like…is someone saying my name?  Who knows me…who would call me by my last name (apparently, my last name can be confused with a first name)?  But you know that all registers in a flash because I suddenly recognize the voice…the tone…the – what in the hell are you doing shopping on your lunch hour intonation?!  Jeesh, I could have thought the same thing back, right? 
Well, that was quickly followed up with, “What are you doing?!”  And just like that, I thrust the dress I was holding in his direction and I said, “I’M TRYING TO GET MY HANDS ON SOME OF THIS MISSONI!” 
How embarrassing!  Everyone looks at me.  This woman starts to laugh…she goes, “Is that your husband? He does not seem pleased about what you are doing.”  I just looked at her and wanted to say…well, what is your husband gonna say about your cart load of must haves? But I didn’t.
Instead, I continued to yell after Richard asking him if he picked up the item he wanted me to get at Walmart.  He looks back confused and I don’t even let him answer…I dart into the racks.  Then panic.  Ugh, now what?  I have to get out of here.  If I don’t get this now I’ll never get it!  So, I buy everything in my cart! (I figure I’ll just return it – this is my sister Lucinda’s moto and yesterday I embraced it-I NEVER shop like that). 
So, I bought nothing on my must have list…no bowl, no bike, no throw, no storage boxes for the wardrobe room.  It was all a cart full of frenzy…now I must sort, decide and most likely return it all.  A bust.  Lame.  Complete and total disappointment. 
To boot, the website was down and when I finally got on…everything was…yep, you guessed it…SOLD OUT!
Whatever.  I’m over it.  I think I got caught up in the typical American product over-hype.  One thing is certain...Target and Missoni together are good for the economy.  Perhaps Katie was onto something when she soothingly told me, “Maybe they will do another run of it.”
I’ll tell you what…they should.  It went like hot cakes.


  1. I was shocked how quickly things sold. A friend mentioned her sister went to Target at 9am and people were leaving with large bags full of Missoni stuff. Craziness.

  2. I know how you feel. I had the same experience (NO clothes left!) however I did score the last pair of adult flats in my size, a cute coffee mug... and a beautiful comforter that I really just had to have! Hope some of your hurried purchases work out for you!