Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Laborious it was not....

What a nice weekend I had sharing it with my friends.  I’m not going to break it down completely but overall I got to sit in the sun, go on the boat, dinner out, movie, managed to get half way through the final Twilight book, worked out, ate a lot of lox, went antiquing and spent time with people I care a lot about….perfect!
I hope you were able to do everything you wanted to and spent the weekend with friends and family who make you smile and laugh. 
I have been on a quest for a pillow like this and when I walked in to the antique store it was sitting right there.  I love it!
I love how this is patina'd.  I will most likely switch out the chain to make it longer and something more subtle than the gold!
Beautiful...mama and baby were right out my front door!

Hope to see them again.

How did you spend your long weekend?


  1. lovely!


  2. looks like you had a wonderful weekend too!! xoxo

  3. great pillow!!