Friday, September 16, 2011

I love you because....

Momma…I  LOVE YOU!

I love that you live your life with grace
I love that you are not only my mother you are my friend
I love that you let me stumble along with all my crazy plans and continue to encourage and support me
I love that you are so thoughtful
I love that you are some kind of superwoman to raise five awesome children
I love that you always encouraged me to try new things
I love that you always tell me how much you love me
I love you for telling me I am special
For making me FEEL special
I love that you remind me I can do anything
I love how you listen
I love that you carry a purse inside of a purse
I love that you used to put notes in my lunch sack growing up
I love how you would  play monopoly and barbies with me and Vee whenever we asked you too
I love you for being at every single swim meet and yelling really loud for me
I love how you made my clothes
I absolutely LOVE twelve hugs plus one
I love how you let Vee and I sing “Chommy, Mommy” over and over again even though it was the dumbest song ever
I love you for letting me be silly
For putting me in sports
For throwing the best birthday parties for us growing up
For making me take piano lessons
For saying that the best job you ever had was, “raising your chickens”
For making home cooked meals every night – how did you come up with new ideas and have the energy
For building snowmen out in the cold
I love you for taking long walks with me sometimes in silence
I love that you still go to Curves and exercise
I love that you decorated to the nines every holiday and you created wonderful traditions
For taking care of me during my surgery
For letting me play cupid
For holding my hand all those years crossing the street
I love how strong you are
I love how you treat everyone with respect
How you are so dedicated to family
I love you for letting me make bad decisions and not saying “I told ya so”
I love you for encouraging me to spread my wings
How you always just go with the flow
I love how you always dress up even to run to the grocery store
How you love to nurture
How humble you are
I love that Lucinda saw a picture of me last night and said I looked just like you
For raising me with high morals
Your compassion and empathy
I love your smile
How you always made me take a ‘no thank you helping’ and more often than not, I ended up liking it
For praying for me
I love you for telling me I deserve everything I want and to go for it
I love you for always making two birthday cakes

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