Monday, September 12, 2011

Hand Jive

Did you see that sign near your place? ”We will move your house for free!”
OH.EM.GEE – Is that plane headed straight for us? 
I want a tee-shirt from Camp Eberhart.  Nah, you don’t, they’ve changed the logo.
Can you hit repeat on that song for the fifth time…I still haven’t heard the whole thing cause we keep talking.
Did you want Starbucks for a drink and Chipotle for the meal?  Perfect.  I love how we travel together.

Katie and I took another adventure this weekend.  Indy or BUST!  Maybe it sounds silly, but I really think if we just got in the car and drove three hours one way and turned around and came back we would still have a great time! 
But, I’m so thankful for all the fun that was socked in between the car ride.  What a blast!   
We arrived late Friday night and stopped by Some Guys Pizza – it’s like Elkhart’s version of Volcano. Not as good as Volcano’s (in my opinion-Katie disagreed) but it’s the ‘go to’ pizza in Indy. 
Saturday morning we went to the Penrod Art Festival.  Penrod is held at The Museum of Modern Art and is an annual event.  It is well run and was created to encourage and develop public interest in the arts.  There are over 300 artist’s who participate and the weather could not have been more perfect.  Katie and I went with Alli O.  She is awesome.  Seriously, I never stop laughing when I am around her.  
Here is an example. 
I have not known Alli very long.  With that being said; I would have never guessed she liked to shop or even had an affinity towards clothing or a particular designer.  Maybe we had never talked about it?  We entered the festival and we were all handed a program listing what artists were participating.  I barely hear Katie say, “Is that Ft. Wayne ar….” Alli chimes in before she finishes, “No.”  Following that up with, “I’m not buying A THING! Nothing.  Nada.”  I was like, “Really…you would set those kind of limitations on yourself? Give yourself $40 or something.”  But she seemed a little lost in thought…I don’t even know if she heard what I said? 
Off we went, Alli guiding us – go down left and up right.  We were aimlessly walking down what I was thinking had to be the last aisle.  I would have walked right by this booth.  It was packed.  Swarming actually and I was thinking to myself…wow, wonder what that is all about...but not caring enough to find out. 
When out of nowhere…a shriek…"IT’S…IT’S the clothing I love!!!!"  Her hands were up near her face smiling and jumping (I’m not kidding) – it all happened so fast, I was like, “What? WHO??”  What is going on?”  And then I hear, “It’s HAND JIVE!” and she was gone. 
Katie and I looked at each other...did she go in there? She did.  We feel compelled to go in but immediately my chest tightens.  I can barely find a place to stand to see what it’s all about.  I look at Katie and can tell she is feeling the same way.  We both just fall back out into the aisle.  We just stand there and I say, ”I can’t do it.” Katie agrees.  So we just look at everyone not saying anything to each other and stare into the feeding frenzy. 
I tell Katie I’m gonna take some pictures of this.  Next thing I know I turn around and she is gone!  "KATIE…KATIE!!"  I’m yelling this!  "KATIE!!!"  I feel like a lost child at Disney.  Then I see Alli…she pops her head out of the make-shift dressing room – it’s piled with clothes – "MEL!  Over here…we are over here!"  And…then… I see Katie’s hand frantically waving up above Alli’s dressing room – "MEL…I’m back here…IN THE BACK!!!"
I make my way slowly to them…and then…it happened…we got sucked in…I can’t even remember it.  The last thing I recall is watching a gal who worked there toss Katie a skirt and a dress to try on.  And then…we were all back out on the aisle staring at each other.  Everyone with bags. 
Did I really buy something?  Uh…yea… Good grief.  We leave.  Exhausted.  We all look at each other and just start laughing...laughing sooo hard (maybe you had to be there) but it was just so funny. I don't get it...I still don't.  But it WAS FUN!  Wish you could have been there. 
Anyway, we did more shopping, then back to Alli's to host more friends and have some drinks, dinner, dancing the night away at The Casba and then a drag show.  Wow.  Yes, we really did all that!
I got to see my other friend Allison, my girl Amy, her husband Kirk and their daughter Sydney; remember from the Ludington trip?  On the way home we had Chipotle and laughed about the weekend.  Oh what fun!  I love a good adventure. 
Before I close, I was over-joyed to find out that Alli O is a gourmet chef.  This was music to my ears since my next submission for the writing contest is to prepare a gourmet meal for four friends.  Yes, you know exactly what I was smiling and thinking?!  She literally created my “menu-ala-Martins” for the Lucky Magazine submission due on Thursday.  That translates to a meal that looks like I cooked it but I really bought it all and put it on fancy plates. It’s going to be amazing.  I am so excited.  She loaded Katie’s car with her burnt orange plates, place settings, serving dishes and a vase filled with greenery from her garden.  Where I was a little stressed trying to figure out how to get it all done by Wednesday night...I am now excited and looking forward to hosting my friends! Wish you could join us Alli! :o 
I'll tell you all about it on Thursday!  
The ticket. 
I am sure everyone has had their picture made next to this sign at the Museum...L O V E it!

The feeding frenzy...this picture doesn't do it was complete and utter madness!

Katie and I are Butler University Alumni.  Of course we stopped!

Katie and Alli O on campus!

How cute is this picture?  From left to right, Katie, Alli O, Me and Allison G.

The Hendrix clan.  From left to right, Amy, Sydney, Me and Kirk.

I had a wonderful, friend-filled weekend with so much laughter!  I hope you did too!

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  1. Love love love I smiled the whole time I read this! Still laughing from the whole madness of it all!!!!