Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The final countdown...

I’m starting to feel like nine-tenths of the people who can’t start a conversation unless it’s to talk about the weather.  Seriously, though, who can help it?
The past two days have been gorgeous.  All afternoon yesterday I was itching at the bit to get outside.  The thought of going to body pump indoors was becoming non-existent.  How could I go spend more time inside when it is this beautiful out? 
I texted Lucinda…can we go play in the sunshine?  Blow off body pump and go to Bonneville Mill perhaps?  Find a trail or sit next to the water falling over the rocks…I just wanted to be out there.
So we did.  It was awesome.  I loved every minute of it. 
All of the leaves on the ground had turned one of those great autumn hues creating a colorful path.  It smelled like fall. It was perfect.  Thanks, sister…it made my day!
FYI, two dayz people…it will officially be fall in two dayz.    
My sister, Lucinda.

I could have sat here all was a perfect spot.

For more information on Bonneyville Mill visit:

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  1. Really beautiful photos. I can see why everyone was talking about the weather. And honestly, I would have loved to sit there all day too.