Thursday, September 15, 2011

Even Custer had a plan....

Lucky Harvest

Imagine this…an outdoor dinner party to take place aside a serene pond nestled under a canopy of trees.  A harvest-themed feast catering to the impending cooler weather and inspired by all things fall.   Sounds inviting, doesn’t it?

Well, we all know that the best laid plans can often go awry, especially when celebrating outdoors.  My occasion masterminded down to the last detail and yet three hours before show time…it rains.  It doesn’t just sprinkle, it pours.  The weather forecast showed no signs of it but there it was.  I kept hoping it would blow over but there was no end in sight.  I had to make the call.  Do I send last minute texts not to worry about wearing their favorite fall sweaters but instead bring rain ponchos and make them sit in the downpour, determined to pull off the ultimate outdoor harvest?  As disappointing as it was, I shifted gears.  There was no plan B.  So, I created one.

Two hours later, my smaller indoor space was made cozy by candlelight and good friend’s laughter.  All would be fine.

Every face that entered expressed their, I’m sorry for the weather, but soon realized my good spirit that should have been clouded over was infectious and I was going to turn the outdoor harvest into an indoor celebration.

Wine and spirits accompanied an organic creamy butternut squash soup with creame fraiche and roasted pumpkin seeds.  An Artisan flatbread and sounds from my pre-planned mix of music eased us into the evening.

A roasted garlic and herb chicken served with blanched parmesan asparagus and a wild rice quinoa mix were great compliments to the smiles and laughter all around the table. 

Champagne bubbled over when the heated strawberry rhubarb pie melted the French vanilla bean ice cream nestled beside it. 

The ultimate theme comes down to good friends, fun stories; lots of laughter, all of which; makes everything else seem secondary.  The best compliment is seeing everyone smiling and enthusiastically wondering if we can do this all again next week. 
Organic creamy butternut squash soup with creame fraiche and roasted pumpkin seeds

Roasted garlic and herb chicken, blanched asparagus with rock salt and parmesan cheese and wild rice quinoa mix

It was delicous!

Of course my favorite part of the meal!  Strawberry rhubarb pie with French vanilla bean ice cream and champagne

My awesome friends! 

Seat marker and take home gift.


  1. ok that chicken looks downright HEAVENLY! what a fun time and so glad you were able to share this special time with your friends!

    p.s. i'm featuring you in my microscope heart series tomorrow:) yay!