Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Big Chill...

In a field of green I saw it…peeking out under its comrades.    One lonely red leaf surrounded by its counterparts that hadn’t yet given into fall.
Some of us are holding onto summer…every last bit.  I’m the first to admit it. But the weather broke here this weekend and for some reason...I feel ready to embrace it.
Cool mornings, light breezy afternoons and then the nights go back to cool.  I really do love it.  I also adore big chunky knit sweaters, jeans, turtlenecks, scarves…all the cold weather clothes that come with fall. 
Across from my apartment is a little pond where I saw the deer the other day.  It’s peaceful and on Monday I sat there and threw bread to the geese and ducks that have made it a home. 
I spaced out for awhile thinking about so many things…but mostly how just like the changing seasons…life moves forward whether it’s in the direction you want or not. 
I can’t honestly say that living in Elkhart, after being away for 22 years, has been the easiest thing for me to adjust to.  But, Vee reminded me that wherever you are…don’t waste a day.  Find what makes you happy.  Go hike and blaze new trails, enjoy my friends that have made my world here a better place and work toward my goals. 
Eventually, life falls into place.  You find your stride, let go and just embrace it. 
I did a little DIY photo shoot down by the pond.  If you could see all the outtakes - good grief.  You would see me practically slide down the dewy leaves to get in position in the 10 seconds before it went off.    Some, my head is chopped off…then my feet…or me not in the frame at all.  I guess timing really is everything.  Patience, practice and continuing to try.   
 The one leaf not scared to change.
*Jeans-Paige, Sweater-Theory, Bag-Tano, Watch-Michael Kors, Bracelets - Juicy Couture, Snake bracelet - Alkemie, Sunnies- Smith, Shoes -Joan & David*


  1. haha i love this! I want to see the outtakes!

  2. I love impromtu shoots...I am becoming a pro! haha. I feel the way you described about summer leaving. I am so sad to see it go but I am so excited about those red leaves that I am willing to give up the long summer days. I love my scarves and I want to wear them!

  3. Kat, moving forward I'll save the outtakes (I already deleted them - boo) and post them -- they are funny!
    Hi Jen! I have really enjoyed your blog and your photography! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Very cute post -- I love the photos! You made me just want to get all cozy and welcome autumn this way.