Thursday, September 22, 2011

The best fish tacos...ever

Today I decided Lakeshore is the place to be for lunch in Elkhart.  Well, aside from the drive in that is closed for ‘winter.’  Yes, already.
The past couple of days the weather has practically begged me to be outside. There aren’t a whole lot of lunch spots near my office that have outdoor seating to enjoy the last few beautiful, breezy, sunny dayz.
But, Lakeshore has a three season porch and an open deck with seating.   I’ve been going here randomly for a couple of months now.  They always have a lunch special, the waitress knows me by name and I like the atmosphere…especially when we sit outside on the deck next to the water.  The hour always flies by.  I barely choke down my grub and we have to go.  I daydream the entire time I am there. 
Today the special was fish tacos.  They may very well be THE BEST fish tacos I have ever eaten.  I am not a fish taco connoisseur by any means but they were the best I’ve ever had.  I’m already planning to go again next week.  And every Thursday after that until I get sick of them.  I am like that.  I find something I like and I just keep eating it until I gross out. 
What I am trying to say here is…if you are in Elkhart on a Thursday go get some fish tacos.  You won’t be disappointed. 
The view from where I sat.
The fish tacos.  Seriously, go get some!


  1. oh my! yummmmm! those look divine.

  2. yuummm. I love me some fish tacos.

  3. What's crazy is that I lived in San Diego, home of the best fish tacos ever (according to some people), and I've still never had one. Maybe on my next trip to CA.