Friday, August 19, 2011

What on earth can I do with this charcoal stuff?

Nothing helps creative thinking then when you don’t have or want to spend a lot of money. 

I seem to be in constant pursuit to find unique, different, vintage-esque objects, art, etc for my place and I am currently all wrapped up in charcoal sketches.
I was ditzin’ around last weekend and came across a charcoal DIY kit. I’m the first to admit I’m kind of cheap.  Not with everything, but if I think I can find it somewhere else at a better price or if I can make it myself, I’ll pass on it.  It’s not a trait I necessarily love about myself but I can’t seem to shake it. I do love bin-digging and hunting for an awesome deal and I can’t imagine losing this activity even if I could shop regularly at Barney’s or Neiman’s.  Anyway, I was like, hmmm…wonder if I can make something myself with this?  The kit was only $3.00!  So I bought it. 

As you may have experienced, sometimes when creating something, the hardest part is to begin.  I sat there with all of my tools wondering what to sketch?

I decided on birds. 

I’ve come to find out…charcoal is pretty messy…but I don’t mind making a mess.  You can use it to your advantage and get little smudges that enhance your piece.

Charcoal is kind of soft…a little bit crumbly and I love that it seems like a great medium to free flow ideas and kind of looks like ‘the beginning’ of a piece even when it's finished.  Do  you know what I mean? 

You can do so much with it.  You can use an eraser and obtain subtle greys and you can make big, expressive lines or really fine lines.  I like the opportunity it provides. 

My friend Megan's mom did this and gave it to me in exchange for fixing some jewelry.  I love it and I'm gonna try my hand at a nude sketch this weekend. 

This is one of my pieces.

I got the idea here and tried to recreate it.

I’m definitely not going to be the next Picasso but I have had a lot of fun ‘being an artist’ and trying something new and discovering a fun, easy way to get some art on my walls. 

What new things are you trying these dayz?

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