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Be who YOU are!
Coco Chanel said, “Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

I stand staring into the closet…one hand on my hip, the other on the door frame…mindless…just staring at all my stuff.  What do I feel like today?  Can’t we all just go naked?  But, really, what fun would that be?

Fashion is such a form of expression.  Just like Coco said, “You see it in the streets.”  And as the Lucky Helpful Hints state, “Great style can come from anywhere.”  I’m always noticing others and soaking in their personal style.  How they wear something…what they pair it with.  Almost always, I’m drawn to the person with confidence and a great smile.

Our lifestyle often dictates what we wear that day.  Where am I headed?  What do I have going on?  I have always believed, however, that confidence will carry whatever it is you choose to put on.

What is natural beauty?  We all hope to have it.  But to have it and simply enhance it…that is what is key to me.  Keeping the natural in beauty and still finding glamour and finding the beauty on the inside helps the beauty shine on the outside.

The transformation process is outlined and detailed differently for everyone, however, inherently defined the same.  Clothes, makeup, style, persona and we all add our own flare; but the basics are there.

I always begin with a clean slate.  My mother insisted we wash our face and moisturize; thank you mom.   I have never worn a lot of makeup.  I don’t like the way heavy makeup looks.  Quite frankly, overdone.   But, it is fun and getting dressed up for a night out and putting on eyeliner, mascara and bronzer really feel like I’ve changed my look although it’s still me…not my makeup you are noticing.  I wear Cover Girl Liquiline Blast Eyeliner, Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume Blasting Mascara, NARS Bronzer in Laguna and Bonniebell LipLites in Cappacino.

Keep it simple, keep it fidget free and wear it with confidence.  We all have our go-to items we feel best in.  You know, your favorite jeans…your best LBD.

Add your flare and make it your own.  I like layering jewelry, scarves, a great handbag and depending on where I’m headed, a killer pair of heels or tall boots.  I also love having that wind-blown hair look which appears as if you did nothing to it but there really is an art to styling that look.  Sometimes, I’ll add a hat or knot my hair up off my face.

Some people think being stylish is expensive.  I am a glorified ‘bin-digger.’  The thrill of finding that awesome vintage label for next to nothing…man, what a feeling!  Then once you wear it and someone compliments you…you feel even more satisfied.  I do have those pieces I deemed worthy to ‘throw down’ the extra paycheck for…but I thought long and hard before I justified it.

Overall, the best outfit is the one you are most comfortable and confident in.  Natural is always a must in my book. Nothing too overdone or over-thought.  Keep your makeup light or just enhance one feature like your eyes or your lips but not both.  Nothing too flashy and nothing too revealing and absolutely…ALWAYS…you simply must complete the look with a smile and you can never go wrong.

Honestly, just be who YOU are and everything else should fall into place.

Naked…sweatpants…jeans and a tee-shirt…dresses…diamonds and pearls?

Hippie….bohemian…trend-setter…classy…high-fashion…or your fashion?

Barely there…natural…glam…sophisticated?

Thrift stores…consignment stores…outlets for steals or the mall for the latest trends…Barney’s…Neiman Marcus?

With fashion; the sky’s the limit.  What is beauty?  It is self expression… being yourself…being comfortable and confident in your own skin and the final touch…a big beautiful smile!

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