Monday, August 1, 2011

On a whim...a little road trip happened.

I received a call from my dear friends of twenty years, Amy and Kirk, who said they were off to Ludington, MI for a week of relaxing.  I'd never heard of it, although, come to find out, it's quite a popular destination for my friends and family in Elkhart.  They had extra space and wondered if I could make it for the weekend.  I love to suprise myself and take advantage of an unscheduled plea and rework the routine...especially to go explore what I come to find out is a vacation paradise.  I threw a few things in my bag and jumped in the car.  Three and a half hours later, I was in the adorable harbor town of Ludington located on Lake Michigan.  If you are looking for a quick get-a-way from the hustle and bustle, add Ludington to your list.  It's filled with awesome beaches, state parks, festivals, antique stores and historic lighthouses...what a gem.   
I loved these bronze statues at the Harbor Marina Park.
Kirk and I checking out the charter fishing boats in the marina.
Had I been able to stay longer, I would have loved to charter a boat for the day.  Next time.

Meet Sydney! I wish I had a better picture to share of her smile...or if I could have bottled up her laugh for you it's infectious!  She is full of life and showed me some new dance moves and my heart melted everytime she blew me a kiss.  Can't wait to see you again, Syd! 
Don't you love it? So serene and peaceful.

The amazing sunset Saturday night.   


  1. I love spontaneous road trips! xo

  2. Looks like a beautiful trip!!! Miss you!!!

  3. This place looks absolutely beautiful! And I give you kudos for taking advantage of this opportunity and going on a bit of a spontaneous road trip -- so few others would have.