Thursday, August 18, 2011

Living in the round.

I currently rent an apartment but have been looking for a lake or river house to buy.  With the repressed economy and all the places on the market, you would think I could find something I want.  The more I dream about it however, the more my ideal place changes. 
A few years ago I went on vacation to Treebones Resort.  A yurt vacation, overlooking the Pacific Ocean on the Big Sur coast in California.  A unique experience with breathtaking views, amazing hikes and we were literally surrounded by nature.  Not to mention it was so much fun.  Visit for more information. 
Maybe you are wondering…what is a yurt?  I think it is an incredibly cool circular tent.  But, the literal definition describes it as a modern adaptation of ancient shelters originally used by nomads.  I think you know where I am going with this, don’t you?  I am now imagining how cool it might be to just buy some land on a lake and put my own yurt on it.  They come in all sizes.  I am also thinking I could start with one and add to it.  I could even turn one into a wardrobe room! 

 I am loving the idea…and you know this girl loves to dream.


  1. you went to treebones! we did everything we wanted to on our west coast road trip except treebones! aah. i am jealous. my co-worker stayed there and could not stop raving about. maybe we should go back:)

  2. Vintchie (my new nickname for you) - YOU HAVE TO GO BACK!!! It was amazing - you would love it! After I had gone...I wanted to go to a new yurt village each year for vacation. You may be suprised to learn there are a ton all over the US! What a great way to see places! Sadly, I haven't done that but I just inspired myself to bring that plan back to life!