Friday, August 5, 2011

Life without...

Don’t you just love those magazines that the person they feature lists the top ten things they can’t live without? I'm always so curious and anxious to hear what's on their list. Of course, their list if filled with: Hampton weekend get-a-way’s, private jets, Prada heels and caviar facials…well, good for them, ‘cause if I could….I’d prolly ‘get me one of them facials’…specially, if it guaranteed to reduce wrinkles and age spots.  And, that weekend get-a-way via private jet…all the while sporting Prada heels…yep, sign me up.

I mentioned awhile back that Vee had suggested I write about the things I could not live without.  My list is much more modest…however, it’s a lot of random, everyday stuff you might put on your list.  Honestly, most of these things, although not necessary,  help shape my little world into one big happy place.

Keep in mind, these are in no particular order.

My butterfly - Vee
My girlz – Bella Fox and Charlie Martin - meow
My family
My friends
Chapstick  - more specifically, cappuccino liplites
Starbucks Venti skinny iced latte’s
Blender for Dr. Oz drinks in the morning
My collection of bags/purses
Pair of flippy floppies – thank you Katie for my Havaiana’s
My sunnies – thanks again Katie for my Ray Ban’s loooove them
Clearly, my life-long friend Katie…lub chu!
My Nook – also including books and magazines
My iPhone
iPod and music in general
Ice cream…there’s that sweet tooth
My jewelry – especially the fancy stuff my mom has given me
A pair of killer heels (no, mine aren’t Prada)
Hiking, running, biking, swimming  – anything outdoors
NARS Bronzing powder
My burlap TOMS – thank you, Stacia
My own humble apartment
The beach
The sun
My thoughts…and a certain someone who fills them up
Water…water…water – hydrate
My Huxley glasses by Warby Parker – give one, get one
A paycheck – thank you Window Expressions
An icy cold beer out of the tap
A good solid 8 hours of sleep
My camera
Learning new things

And I could probably go on and on and on…but, I’m curious, what helps shape your happy little world?

My Warby Parkers - give one, get one.  And the side braid I've been rockin' this summer.
Meet Bella sweet little beauty.
Introducing, Charlie Martin.  She loves to view the world upside down and keeps her friend list to a minimum.

Burlap TOMS - one for one.  I live in these.


  1. I love this post! I agree, many of those lists that they do in magazines are very extravagant! I think it's the simple things for me I can't live without ;) A clean fresh glass of water, a cozy bed to sleep in, my two puppies by my side ;)
    And thank you for the sweet comment about my painting!! OF course I would love to make you one in shades of blue ;) are we talking deep ocean blues, pastels? I am in the process of opening an etsy shop with my paintings and I'll have your painting in mind just for you ;) xo -Taj

  2. so, so happy to find your lovely blog:) what a fun, sweet list of things that make you happy! my little fluffball, pablo, would have certainly made it onto my list. LOVE your side braid--my favorite warm weather throw-together hairstyle that never fails to impress! and i must get myself some toms ASAP. those are so cute, and the idea behind the brand is quite beautiful. looking forward to reading more from you:)

  3. Those lists always make me roll my eyes, but I suppose never having lived that life we don't know what it is to go without those luxuries. I think my most basic list would be:

    My Kitten, an ample supply of books, my laptop, mineral water, music/my iPhone

    The Pink Monocle

  4. Your cats are so cute! I think your list is a good one. It's always nice to reflect on what you really need in your life and all that you're blessed with. But those celebrity lists? Definitely crazy.

  5. Thanks Ming! Lub chu!! Insert emoji!!!