Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It feels like Mondee...

Nooooo....how I felt this morning when my alarm went off.  I thought I hit snooze but I actually had turned it off instead.  Whoops.  It feels like it should be, "one of those dayz." But, I didn't throw the covers off in a panic 'cause it was already 7:00am.  I simply got my crap together and got out the door.  I'm just gonna 'go with it' today...it's easier that way. 

And, with that attitude...here is my 'just goin with it' post...just some stuff I was thinking about on my way to work.

Where did July go?
Looking forward to Body Pump tonight...did I say that?
I saw a cardinal this morning...flew right in front of my windshield (smile)
Hope this iced coffee has the same magic as my usual iced latte (espresso machine broken at Starbucks this am)
Hope the new jewelry I ordered shows up on my doorstep today - so excited to get it
Forcast predicts rain...rooting for thunderboomers
I missed every light on the way to work...pushed down the urge to run the yellow's
I hit repeat on the same song the entire drive in
The cherries I bought are delicous...so glad I packed a few for a snack today
Wonder what to have for dinner...I have this delicous dip...can't dip be my dinner?  Why not...ice cream, cereal, pretzels, cheese and crackers - all not considered 'a meal'...but, I made them dinner last week so...I'm going with it...dip dip hooray
Man, I love this song...repeat...again
I should make a mix...songs to get fired up to on the way to work
Crying inside cause feels like summer is almost over
Wish I could be a lady of leisure
Feeling a little out of sorts...perhaps some ice cream later
Just remembered my iPod died and now iTunes isn't showing that I own any music...this is potentially tragic but feeling hopeful Tony will come over and help me...
Last night discovered my iPhone (this one I've only had 3 months) has over 1,200 pictures...
Walking into work I saw a STICK BUG!  I haven't seen one in...years! They are so cool...if I recall correctly...we made one a pet when we were little...

Although it looks like my usual iced latte...it's not...

Stick bug aka walking stick!

What have you been thinking about?

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  1. Stick bugs are cool. We need some rain.