Friday, August 26, 2011

I love you because...

Dad, I love you because
You encouraged me to write and think for myself
You saved all the letters I ever wrote to you and I cried rereading every single one of them wondering why, yet completely touched
Your strength
Your independence
Your constant thirst for knowledge
Your insistence on teaching Vanessa and I how to change the oil in our car and how to change a tire even though at the time we weren’t interested
Your openness on letting us assist you making wine (Chateau Ramey), beer and champagne and teaching us all of the techniques along the way
I love how you took tons of pictures of us growing up and one of our favorite family things to do was and still continues to be, watch the slide journey together and laugh and remember
Your love of experimenting in the kitchen and teaching us gourmet meals
Your love for entertaining and sharing your love for cooking, music, wine, etc with your friends
Teaching us how to be resourceful
Your love for being outdoors
Your wisdom
Your honesty
Your intelligence
Your optimism
Your courage in the face of adversity
How you gave up things you wanted for our benefit
The way you have inspired all of us to try and learn new things
How great you were at fixing things and if you didn’t know how you found out how to do it
How you always wore a cool hat or fedora…I loved your style
How I came to find out you had maintained all of your childhood friendships
How much you loved your mother and would do anything for her
Please don’t consider this list complete.  There are so many things I love about my dad…I couldn’t possibly list all of the reasons here. 
Oh me…I miss you…
My dad is on the right in the plaid blazer and he is with his best friend Houston Newton and Margaret who I had the pleasure of meeting and they told me wonderful stories of their time shared with my dad. 

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  1. This was such a beautiful post about your father. Yours sounds like such an amazing man.