Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I love you because…

Why do I like you…why do I love you? 

Lately, I feel the constant reminder that life is short.  What does that mean exactly because sometimes I just don’t understand?  I’ve lived 40 years and in the rear view mirror it seems like some things were a long time ago.  And then, some things, like yesterday, flew right by.  Perspective…or is time really disappearing quickly these days?  

I sit and wonder…have I said what I need to say to whom I need to say it to…have I lived my best life…am I being true to myself?  Am I on track to finish my bucket list?  Have I put everything I want to do on it…most likely; no.

All weekend I have been reminding myself to call so-and-so, write that note to what’s-her-name, go see you-know-who…do these things, get them done and don’t forget because I want them to know I was thinking of them. 

Last week a tragic accident happened on Corey Lake in Michigan. It’s a horrible story and it gave me chills when I heard it.  Without telling the tale in detail, a ten year old girl was killed while tubing the lake by her mother.  Sadly, it is so devastating of a story... the how it happened and all of the details are simply too much to recount. You can Google it if you want to…visit http://www.woodtv.com/.

But, the reason I even mention it, is that the waitress who waited on the family the night before told a touching story about them.    She overheard them going around the table telling each other what they loved about them.   I am so grateful they had that memory to keep with them of what their sister loved in them.  It’s making me cry to even think about this loss and that moment and ugh…how even today…how they must be feeling. 

Because of that story…because of this blog and my outlet I’ve created for myself…I am going to take advantage of it. Moving forward, on Friday’s, I am going to dedicate it to a friend or a family member or someone I might be thinking about and write down things I love about them.  Or, maybe, something they did for me that touched me…I don’t know…I just want to make sure that people that mean something to me know how I feel…even if it’s just a few words or a story to share.

In fact, if anyone would like to write about someone in their life I would be happy to share it and post your love.

I hope my friends and family know how I feel, but let’s be honest…do we tell them enough?  Here is my chance…
I love you ALL because…you have supported me by reading my blog and encouraging me whether you know it or not just by ‘liking’ my FB page or following me.  Thank you for the comments and the time some of you have made to tell me what you think, you have no idea what it means to me.  

When you do something you aren’t always certain of and take a chance…when people that mean something to you tell you…it moves you along…has made me smile and made me thankful. 

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  1. I feel like I am telling you everyday that you might not think I mean it.... This was moving and I lub chu sooooooooooo much!!!! Xoxoxoxoxoxo