Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gone Wanderin'

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you – Jackie Greene!  Who is he?  One of my all time favorite musicians.  His music is a little bit bluesy…a little bit rock n’ roll and all together amazing.  Vee and I discovered him at The Telluride Blues ‘n Brews Music Festival where we went to hear another favorite, Anders Osborne.  (You simply must check them both out…asap!)

Not only is Jackie a musician, but he is also an artist (he started selling limited edition art at his shows-must get some) and he is now a published novelist!  I really love everything about this guy…sounds weird.  Celebrity crush, I guess.  I never really pegged myself as one of those people…but here I am gushing…really gushing and outwardly pushing his awesomeness on you guyz!  Whatever, you will thank me for it; I am positive of that!

Well, what has me so fired up?  He is about to launch his first book!  Seriously!  A novelist!  Who knew?  Actually, I should clarify, it’s not a novel; it’s a lyrics book.  A collection of every song he has written for the last ten years, including both released and unreleased songs.  K E W L! 

Apparently, he went through all of his old notebooks, demo tapes, etc. in order to complete this and made footnotes for many of the songs, just to give a little bit of insight into the songs origins and whatnot.  I love that…in fact, that is one reason why I love hearing live music.  Specifically, when the artist tells you about the song they wrote, what it means to them, etc. right before they sing it.  Totally changes it for me.  I never hear the song the same again.  It enhances it. 

Here is an excerpt from the book, 'Gone Wanderin,' that Jackie wrote for the introduction.  I love it.  I simply love it. 

It is common belief that songs float around in the air.  They live somewhere up in the atmosphere and attach themselves to those who are willing to extend their antennas.  They are like birds, smooth and graceful, ever wary of human hands. 

If you are fortunate enough to catch the elusive songbird, you must not merely stroke her feathers.  You must feed her.  You must nourish her.  Eventually you must set her free, so that she may sing proudly for all. 

Here is a link to Jackie playing Mexican Girl - one of my favorite songs.

Jackie Greene playing at the State Room in Salt lake City - one of the many shows Vee and I went to hear him play!  I also dig his style - how cute is that hat?
Jackie at The Telluride Blues 'n Brews where we discovered him!

Telluride put on a New Orleans type-vibe of a festival.  It was awesome! I loved these flags and I love how this guy's hand got in the picture and made it even better (in my opinion) with the 'I love this - this is so cool' sign.
How fun is this?  They had a parade through the crowd throwing beads, etc. while Anders Osborne (he hails from New Orleans) was playing.

An adorable picture of Vee having a great time at the show!  We didn't even care that it rained the entire two days we were there!   
Who is your favorite musician or artist.  Please share.  I love to discover and be introduced to new music, art, books, etc.   


  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful introduction to his music. I'll definitely be listening to more. And his writing is so beautiful. I like to think of songs being up in the atmosphere like that.