Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Missoni and Target have collaborated and created a 400-piece ‘must have’ line!  I’m not the first to mention it and certainly I won’t be the last!
If you asked me one of my favorite places to shop I would tell you Target.  Seriously, I can’t walk out of there without a few things I didn’t need.  Not to mention their special collections that I always can’t wait to see.   But, pairing with the iconic label, Missoni!  A brand I’ve lusted after but simply cannot afford.  I really am feeling like….I MUST HAVE IT ALL! 
The collection launches September 13th and it’s a Tuesday.  How is this going to work?  I fear if I wait until after work it will all be GONE!  Do I take the day off?  Order it all online?  Can I talk Lucinda, Katie, Amy and Cindy (I have no idea if they are even as excited as I am) to be one of those crazy people who will get in line with Starbucks and pound the door down? Girls, if you are in…we may need to devise a plan. 
Someone run to home goods and grab me that throw and glass bowl.  Someone else head to women’s and scoop it all up just in case and we’ll sort through it later.  The tights, sweaters, head scarves…OMG, THE BIKE – did you see it?  Good grief…even the file folders are adorable!
I have never waited in line before a store opened for anything…I’ve never even waited in line for concert tickets.  I never understood Black Friday or shopping all night or waiting in line at Best Buy for the new iPhone…I’m secretly like, really?  But, now I get it!  You want it! 
I’ve gone Missoni Mad. 
Here are some photos of my must haves.  I’ll report back on what I manage to snag up.  I’m hoping it isn’t all the rage here in Elkhart.  Could I be the only one lusting after it in this small town?  I can only hope…
The coveted bike! I think it's $399...can I swing this and get everything else I want? Must.start.saving!

I LOVE this!  $29.99! SOLD!


I'm getting some of these for my wardrobe room!
Almost too cute to sleep in!  But, I love it!
The glass bowl I love!  I already know where I'm going to put it.

So, girlz, are you in?  Let me know if you want to go and we will come up with a game plan! 

Is anyone else feeling the Missoni Madness?


  1. I love the bike! I need to figure out if Target ships to Germany....

  2. I can't wait...I definitely want the blanket!

  3. Hahah! Love your enthusiasm and determination. Target... oh, I miss it. No Targets outside of the USA. Somedays, I sadly realize that, if I were back in the US, I'd probably be in Target at that very moment. Ha.. good luck getting these goodies!

    P.S. Hi, I'm Eva! Nice to "meet" you, found you via Not Your Average Ordinary. :)