Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Birds fly over the rainbow...why then...oh, why can't I?

I am seriously into everything birds.  Jewelry (recal mother-of-pearl dove necklace I purchased a few weeks ago), bird prints, bird statues, real life cardinals (there is a reason...but it's personal) and really...just the thought of birds makes me happy.  Their life seems so awesome, doesn't it?  Flying around must feel so in trees...eating worms (wonder what it tastes like when a bird burps...dirt?) It seems like to me; a simple life.  Singing at the top of their lungs...secretly watching all of us from way up high...snooping in our windows teasing our cats...stirring up their day and swoop-diving at someone to freak them out -- can't you hear all their buddies laughing?  I'm all about them. 

Fact: not all flying animals are birds; and not all birds can fly. The fastest running bird is the ostrich, but it cannot fly. The ostrich is also the fastest two-legged runner of all the animals on Earth. The ostrich is the largest bird. 
I mentioned yesterday I ordered some jewelry and couldn't wait to get it.  It arrived!  I was so excited to see it on my doorstep when I got home from work.  I LOVE it!!  You probably guessed it...something with a bird...a thunderbird to be exact and I'm wearing it today.

So K E W L!  Look how low it hangs.  It's Low Luv by Erin Wasson. I also bought the earings to match.
This matching thunderbird cuff is on my most wanted list.

Enjoy your day...and take some time to listen to the the songs the birdz are singing!


  1. Great to find another bird lover! I seriously love anything with the image of a bird on it, it's a sickness, but I love it.