Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You + Me = For Like Ever

Who didn't love flipping through Domino Magazine?  Dreaming about all the ways to change up your space?  Well, probably not lately since the magazine has folded.  I have no idea how it happened.  Who didn’t love that magazine?  Personally, I coveted every issue in a stack in my bedroom.  Then I moved…and had to toss them.  Grrr…what a complete and total bummer.   I could get lost in the pages of realistic and achievable home design.

I’ll never forget this issue and seeing the poster displayed – For Like Ever.  I loved it and had to have it.  As you know, I’ve recently moved again and have a lot of wall space.  I typically fill it with art from friends and family.  But, I’m waiting for my nephew (artist Anthony D. Schutz find him on my FB) to locate a few more charcoal sketches I love of his. So, in the meantime, and empty wall space later, I found the sister print to For Like Ever!  I’m so excited.  You + Me. 

Btw, not my dogs. You can find them if you visit www.vllg.com.  I also discovered For Like Ever comes in white.  Had that been an option when I bought mine, I’d have most likely gone with that…it doesn’t scream GIRL like the hot pink one does!  Right now, I have the poster in my very girlie kitchen.  Although I like it, I’m trying to get rid of the pink, floral, way-to-girlie motif that somehow happened. 
I think they would look nice side-by-side in the bedroom.  I'm always keeping an eye out for different art, cool pieces and vintage/antique finds to add to my place.  In the meantime, I'll add this to my most wanted list. 

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  1. M, I loved this one too!! Have you seen Rue and Lonny. Online mags I think you will love. I also have some great sources for inexpensive prints. We need to talk! I HEART off the cuff