Thursday, July 21, 2011

Yes - We WOOD

One Watch  – One Tree – One Planet
WeWOOD, the company behind these incredible wood watches, has partnered up with American Forests, the oldest nonprofit conservation organization in the U.S., to plant a tree for every watch it sells. Unfortunately, these natural watches are currently sold out. That’s a good and bad thing, right? But, if you place an order now you’ll receive 10% off your backorder. Buy a watch, plant a tree…buy some glasses and you provide glasses…buy a FEED bag you help provide a meal or two or three…seriously, why aren’t we all participating in this?  Consider yourself in-the-know! 

FEED, Warby Parker, TOMS (which I have yet to blog about but keep an eye out…it’s coming) and now WeWOOD.  How KEWL are these natural watches?  Again…another great gift idea.  Another easy and simple way to give back. 

These watches are completely absent of artificial and toxic materials, the WEWOOD Timepiece is as natural as your wrist. It respects your skin as you respect nature by choosing it.
Established in 1875, American Forests is the nation’s oldest nonprofit conservation organization, and is recognized as a world leader in environmental restoration because of their dedicated tree-planting efforts.
This year, American Forests’ Global ReLeaf Campaign will plant 4.8 million trees in 43 projects in 14 states and 10 countries to help restore forests important for wildlife, clean water, and carbon sequestration. W O W!
There are two types of Global ReLeaf projects:
1) In urban areas, trees are planted through the Global ReLeaf Fund. The program also encourages individuals to plant trees around their homes and businesses or join community groups to plant trees that shade, cool, and beautify their neighborhoods.
2) Most of our trees are planted in ecosystem restoration projects called Global ReLeaf Forests. Many of these areas have been damaged by natural or human causes. These trees help clean the air and water, filter polluted runoff, slow global warming and erosion, and provide habitat for wildlife. (All of these facts came straight off the website – please visit. for more information)
I loved this….WEWOOD lets us rediscover nature in its beauty, its simplicity and inspired design. It reminds us of a tree’s powerful way of life; rooted, yet reaching.
Rooted, yet reaching…how profound…
I’ve never let myself get too rooted…but I strive to keep reaching…
Btw, I’ve put the WeWOOD DATE ARMY on my most wanted list.  Which are you going to choose?
 wewood DATE army

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