Friday, July 15, 2011

My thoughts exactly…

I was driving into work this morning thinking about what I might blog today.  I usually prepare it all the night before but that didn’t happen.  Vee sent me a text last night about an article she saw in Elle Décor.  The featured designer had the entire page to write about, ‘Things he could not live without.”  Vee suggested I put this on my list for blog ideas. (I love that she was thinking about things I could post…please feel free to send me ideas…writers block does happen.)  I thought it was a great idea.  As I pondered…what couldn’t I live without? It occurred to me I could just write about random, scattered thoughts I have…which is the direction I’ll take today while I think more on what I can’t live without.


I can’t wait to talk to Emilia who had her second baby girl last night…wonder what she and Jason will name her?

When can I get to Oklahoma to meet that precious angel and see my friend?

I thought about my friend Megan who had her first baby boy last week and I hope she is loving the discovery of this new journey! Please send more pics Meg!

When can I get to San Francisco to meet little Danny? 

I miss San Francisco

Wonder if it’s too early to text Vee

Wish she could be here to spend the weekend with me…I miss her

I would love to relax on the beach all day…

Excited to go shopping with Amy tomorrow – Sojourn here we come

Need to get gifts for KEWL club…I’m so behind

Must mail Vee that package that has been sitting by the front door for over a week

Do my jammies look enough like an outfit I could get away with at work…doubtful

Open mindedness…wish some people would work on this

Call mom later and tell her that I love her

I should buy that ticket for Labor Day weekend before the price goes up

I’ve got to call the dentist – ugh

I can’t believe I almost ate a whole bag of Munchos yesterday…gross

Think I’ll buy some flowers to spruce up my place

My coffee went too fast

My lips feel chapped

Wonder if it would bother my co-workers if I played Pandora while I worked

I need a manicure/pedicure…maybe this weekend

This is my dear friend Megan.  She just had a baby boy and I can't wait to get to San Francisco to meet him!
Dreaming of my San Francisco dayz...

Where I'd rather be today...and all weekend for that matter
 Missing you Vanes...

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