Sunday, July 10, 2011

Checagou...a festival and some retail therapy!

I missed posting on Fridee (phonetically how my mom pronounces the days of the week) because Katie and I took a jaunt to Chicago for the Dave Matthew'z Band Caravan!  Imagine...Amos Lee...O.A.R...Ray LaMontagne and Dave Matthew's Band to name a few.  I can't even begin to describe how much fun we had.  To try, the one and a half days encompased shopping and lunch on Michigan Avenue, a ride on the Metra (ugh), a 3-mile trek into the venue (I could have sworn we went VIP), a cab ride home, farmer's market for pickled mushrooms (gross), coffee/cafe brunch, more shopping and a reluctant ride back to Elkhart.  I will easily admit that Chicago is one of my favorite cities and I have lived in some amazing places.  I lived there circa 1994-1995 and loved every minute of it.  I have decided that I will either live there again or own a part-time dwelling I can frequent whenever I desire. (I will post my bucket list one day but keep in mind it isn't necessarily about things I want to do but also things I want to have).  Here are some fun facts about Chicago:
1.  Checagou was first referenced with this spelling...K E W L...I love that.
2.  There are nearly 2.7 million residents.  This does not suprise all.
3.  Checagou is the 3rd most popular city in the USA after you guessed it, NYC and LA.
4.  The current President, Barack Obama, resides here.
5.  There are numerous nicknames for Chicago:  Chi-town, The Windy City, Second City and now I may always spell it Checagou just because I like it like that.
6.  Al Capone, the notorious gangstah, roamed the Checagou streets back in the 1920's.  I have always had a strange fascination with gangsters.  I may add "gangstah research" to my summer reading list.
I could go on, but if you already live here, you probably know all this.  If you have never been to Checagou...GO!  You won't be disappointed.  Now for some photos of our journey:

We spent the first part of our day shopping and having lunch on The Magnificent Mile.  As Katie put it, "It is just that!" 

I bought this limited edition hand-stitched LuluLemon sweatshirt.  I love it!  I'm secretly thankful I can't wear it yet - yea summer!
The only way to go is VIP!   
If you ever thought you had a crush on Dave Matthew's just by hearing his, wait until you see him dance!  I may be in love.  HE is ADORABLE to say the least.  I can't wait for his next show.  Must.get.back.stage!

Katie and I having brunch at some corner cafe I can't remember the name of (No, not Starbucks, we had to smuggle those in).

Lastly, there is always so much to do and never enough time when you visit.  The museums, a run/bike ride on Lakeshore Drive, the beach looked inviting, dinner at my favorite sushi place but most importantly, all of my friends I didn't get the chance to see.  There will be a next time!

Thank you to my dear friend Katie for an amazing weekend...I'm still smiling!   (insert emoji blowing you a kiss)

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  1. Emoji should have been listed as one of my favorite things!!!
    We had an amazing weekend and I hope for many more to come!!! It's only and hour and a half away!!!!!