Friday, July 1, 2011

Butterfliez and bumblebeez

Wonder what came to your mind when you read…butterfliez and bumblebeez? I bet you didn’t think of what I thought of.  Perhaps you thought of summer…or beauty…or honey?  Whatever came to mind, probably wasn’t that Vanessa means butterfly and Melissa means bumble bee. Technically, Melissa means honey bee but I prefer bumble bee –because I feel like a bumble bee has a little more edge over a honey bee although I do love honey and I’ve been told I’m a sweet girl; I guess I can be on most occasions.  Anyway, Vanessa aka Vee, is my twin sister.  She is my greatest earthly blessing, I mentioned this in my profile but it’s worth repeating.  My True North.  My rock.  My go to girl.  My best friend.  And oh so many more things.  I wish for all of you that you could have been born a twin.  It's true that life is better shared.  And better shared when it just so happens that the person you are sharing it with loves to do everything you do.  In all seriousness, I’d be lost without her.  When people say, I’d like you to meet my better half…she is that to me.  I wanted to introduce her because I’m sure I’ll refer to her a lot and if you don’t know her…you should make it a point to get to even if you weren’t looking for any other friends.  Actually, she isn’t looking for any…but still…she is a solid, good, loyal friend. 
You may also be wondering why I used z in place of s.  We love the letter z.  In our notes or texts we send each other, if we have an opportunity to use the letter z we do!  Maybe it sounds silly or a little goofy but It makes me smile.

I wonder...who is your butterfly?
Vanessa \v(a)-nessa, van(es)-sa\ as a girl's name is pronounced va-NESS-ah. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Vanessa is "butterfly".
Melissa \m(e)-lissa, mel(is)-sa\ as a girl's name is pronounced ma-LISS-ah. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Melissa is "bee; honey".

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